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Reliable Property and Health Tourism Consultancy Service in Turkey

Priority requests for those who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey, are the consultancies for real estate and medical tourism. Foreigners who have trust issues in health services and property sales in Turkey can benefit from these consultancy services. Consultancy services especially benefit in prevention of irregularities against foreigners in health tourism and property fields and provide safer experience when foreigners want to purchase services in Turkey. As an E&M Consultancy, in our advisory services we are highly sensitive to the risks that foreigners may be exposed to in various areas, such as fraud, injustice and unreliability of information.

E&M Property Consultancy for Trustful Service Experience in Turkey

E&M Consultancy operates internationally and provides services in a wide range of fields including real estate, citizenship obtaining issues, and healthcare sector. Major share of our services is associated with property purchasing and enabling businessmen, individuals or professionals to make safer property investment in Turkey. We are securely managing entire process from property valuation to all necessary negotiations for our buyers. Therefore, in process of our property consultations we are helping you to benefit from the best price options and preventing any undesired cases like fraud.

E&M representatives not only consult foreigners who want to purchase a real-estate in Turkey but also support them in all legal processes and required procedures that are necessary to obtain a Turkish citizenship.

Fast Process Management with E&M Citizenship Consultancy Service for People Who Want to Live in Turkey

Among the main problem for people who want to live in Turkey are requirements and procedures on the way to obtain a Turkish citizenship and we are offering consultancy services in this scope. We are providing all necessary guidance for $250,000 property purchase and $500,000 investment due to which foreigners eligible to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. Additionally, E&M offers financial safety to foreign citizens and insures them against property purchasing frauds.

E&M Health Tourism Consultancy

As E&M, we provide support to foreigners who want to benefit from medical services in Turkey. In this scope we are offering precautions against fraud during general surgeries, treatments, and plastic surgeries in Turkey. Additionally, we analyse competencies of corporate structures, hospitals or institutions that will supply services, and provide you a detailed report. So you will be guaranteed to receive expected service with our financial security control during all stages.


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