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Real estate Consultancy Service

Turkey is rising value among global market investors. Diverse climate and geopolitical position of Turkey has critical importance for this value. Since Turkey is the strongest country in that geography, there is high level of social and economic development. In this sense, it is expected that investments will gain more value. When this situation is well-analysed, investing a property in Turkey is open for gains regardless of investment type.

After almost infinite perspective identification, it will be advantageous to invest in fields with suitable investment conditions.

How do we work?

Property consultancy service aims for selling properties for highest price. In most cases, this service protects the interest of buyers but not sellers. As a buyer, you deserve someone to look after your interests…

As E&M Consultancy, we cooperate with RE/MAX professional real-estate consultants. We provide effective solution with RE/MAX brands that offers international service in real-estate, commercial buildings and other property types with quality, trust and unconditional customer satisfaction in all operations.

Our buyer property consultancy service is one of our services that consider buyer’s benefit and protects his rights and gains with best offers. This service is offered in different cities of Turkey by our professional team and will be very helpful for your property investment.

Based on valuation reports from expertise companies on SPK and BDDK lists, we are completing the entire process in reliable and transparent manner.

What Is Property Consultancy?

Buyer property consultancy service is a new concept that ensures best purchasing prices for buyers. Additionally, under this service, our consultants offer other services to buyers. As in traditional property consultancy service, our expert consultants will complete property search for you.

This way, instead of reviewing hundreds of houses, fields or hotels, you can check property offers specially selected by your buyer consultant that will save your time.

Why You Should Choose This Service?

There are different reasons to choose buyer property consultancy service. Most important reason is protection of buyer rights. When you make property investment in a foreign country or city it is important to cooperate with a professional who knows regional characteristics and market prices. Our buyer consultants in different cities of Turkey will create options in complete and detailed manner to meet all your investment expectations.

Property Valuation Analysis

Under property consultancy service, valuation of the property is completed. During valuation process, our expert consultants will make sure that you have expertise reports from most reliable government institutions of Turkey such as SPK and BDDK that have the authorisation for official operations. Expertise report shows real value and price of the property. Greatest advantage of property consultancy valuation process is creating completely transparent environment in purchasing process.

Detailed Process Monitoring

Our expert consultants monitor the entire process from property selection to purchasing. Our only aim in this process is to protect buyer interest. In this sense, we analyse all offers and prepare the most suitable agreements.

In this process, we form an effective communication network with real-estate broker. We evaluate all offers we received from real-estate broker before showing these offers to you. We only present the offers that meet all your needs to prevent time loss.

We know that most important point of real estate sales and purchasing process is trust. Therefore, we are informing buyers throughout the process and offer a transparent experience. If you have any questions in this process, first we are answering these questions.

Offer Preparation and Presentation

Offer preparation is the last stage before purchasing and it’s as important as property search. Well-prepared offer contains all details and costs associated with purchasing.

Our consultants are experts in property purchasing and consider all paragraphs in offers and agreements. When necessary, our buyer property consultants ask for legal advice and protect buyer interest in agreements.

Safe Property Purchasing Operations

In all our services, mutual trust is our priority. Under buyer property consultancy service, we are completing valuation process for real-estate, field, hotel and other investment properties and prevent buyers to have incorrect price information. This way, we prevent higher payments than real property value.

You can benefit from buyer property consultancy service for your next investment to get the property of your dreams.

Why Turkey?

Why you should buy a property in Turkey

Main advantage of buying a property in Turkey is possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship. However, there are other advantages in investments.



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