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General information about Istanbul

Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most important cities. 34th largest city in the world, Istanbul is a Turkey’s most populous and the most important city in economic terms. In addition, it’s a city with the highest number of people per km2 in the European continent.

City of contrasts

Istanbul is located in northwestern Turkey both in Europe and Asia territories. As one of the oldest cities in the world, it has been the capital of the Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire throughout the history, and has hosted many cultures and civilizations for centuries.

Current population of the city is 15 million. Approximately 64% of the population lives on the European side and 36% on the Asian side.

Mix of different cultures became a highlight of this city. Istanbul is well known as a city of contrast. Here placed many different buildings from the highest skyscrapers to the historical places that attract the most visitors.

European side of Istanbul

The high-rise buildings, offices and large shopping centers of the city are mostly gathered in the European Side, such as Levent, Mecidiyeköy, Maslak and Etiler. Big part of Turkey’s largest banks and companies also located in this region. With your investment you can also become a part of this business atmosphere.

Asian side of Istanbul

The city’s luxury mansions and summer residences are mostly located on the Asian side in areas close to the coast. Many shopping centers and restaurants are located in Bağdat Street in Kadıköy. You can also invest here. Real estate in Istanbul is always on demand.

Since Istanbul is a city with rich history, the number of historical monuments and structure is quite high. These historical monuments and constructions  are one of the biggest reasons which makes Istanbul one of the most popular tourism center.

Education and healthcare in Istanbul

Istanbul is a very important city in terms of education. The city has 31 universities in total, 7 of which are state and 24 are private. These universities are among the most respected and well-equipped universities in the country. Istanbul is also highly developed in terms of health facilities as it is in education. It is also a medical research center of the country which has facilities such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

Investment in Istanbul

As you can see,  Istanbul is among the most developed cities in Turkey and in the world. Therefore, it is extremely convenient for investment. Before you decide where you will do your investment in Turkey you should definitely evaluate Istanbul. Invest your money here and you will be entitled to become a Turkish citizen if you like with a $ 250,000 real estate or $ 500,000 immovable capital investment.

You are in the right place if you need consultancy about investments in Istanbul or about obtaining a Turkish citizenship to achieve your dreams. Contact E & M Consultancy if you would like us to assist you in all kinds of matters.

Why Turkish Citizenship?

There are unlimited reasons to become a Turkish citizen. One of the most important reasons is undoubtedly the natural and historical beauty  which Turkey has.



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