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Health Tourism

Turkey is among the fastest growing countries in the fields of education, culture, sports, industry, transportation and healthcare. Increasing of our country’s investments in healthcare provides medical services in better conditions. Numerous hospitals in Turkish Republic provide healthcare services above European standards. Therefore, the number of patients who come to Turkey from different countries is increasing day by day.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism, which is widely popular in the world, is among the tourism activities that are gaining importance in our country as well. Thanks to well-developed medical tourism, you can get an exact price list from the doctors you want to receive treatment from or to have opportunity to make appointments in the hospitals you choose. Besides, you have the opportunity to define your preference accordingly to the special characteristics such as availability of medical devices that are required for your treatment in certain hospital you chose.

Consulting services for health tourism

It’s said that health comes first. To keep yourself healthy or receive quality treatment when necessary, always choose the best option. It’s possible to reach your goals in a short time with professional consultancy services. By contacting E&M Consulting, you will receive answers to all interested questions about processes, methods and cost of treatment in Turkey, and will get expert support at all stages on the way to your recovery.

E&M Consulting is your optimal solution if you want to find out how to choose best hospital in Turkey or which doctor performs the surgery for the most affordable cost. We strive to ensure that taking advantage of medical tourism in Turkey, you weren’t left with any question marks. Therefore we share with you all useful information, such as the course of treatment, medical experience, availability of dates for admission, etc. We are always ready to prepare all the necessary documents as well. Thus, you will enjoy the comfort of treatment without any extraneous thoughts.

Why E&M Consulting?

Despite the fact that our company has direct agreements with hospitals, E&M Consulting does not charge you for the costs of treatment in your chosen medical institutions, but only acts as an intermediary. All financial transactions are carried out directly with the hospital. This is confirmed by receipts and other reporting documents. With this transparent payment system and our consulting services, you will enjoy the process of getting medical services in Turkey without any pitfalls and stresses.

Vacation and recovery in Turkey

E&M Consulting continues to support you at all stages of treatment. We use all our facilities for maximum convenience during hospitalization, as well as accommodation of the patient and his family. In addition, many experts came to the conclusion that the pastime after surgery, significantly affects the recovery process as a whole. If you want to spend your recovery time on vacation in Turkey, we will use every effort to meet all your needs and choose the type of holiday in accordance with the criteria that you define.

How do we work?

E&M Consulting provides support to its clients at all stages. Starting with the organization of plane tickets, official correspondence with the hospital, planning transportation and accommodation, and ending with a selection of the best options for recovery after surgery. Throughout the process, our highly qualified employees are guides to your comfort, and all you need to think about is your health. In addition, if you want to relax or spend a vacation in Turkey after the treatment, we can arrange the booking and accommodation in the best quality hotels in the most suitable places, accordingly to your preferences.

With a transparent and reliable service system, E&M Consulting provides you with consulting services without leaving any question marks. Thanks to cooperation with many institutions and organizations, our company is ready to support you in all necessary processes to achieve the best result.


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