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About Antalya

Antalya is one of the most important tourism centres in Mediterranean Region of Turkey. This city dates back to 159 B.C and approximately 2.5 million people live in this region. Additionally, Antalya receives high number of migration from other regions of Turkey. Thats why real estate in Antalya always in demand.

Economy of Antalya

Economy of this city is vivid. This city has important share in tourism, commerce and agriculture. With intense migration wave in 1960s, this city has gained power in industry, tourism and commerce. 67% of exports from city ports are completed with European Union countries. Antalya has 19 districts; the most crowded district is Kepez and the least crowded district is İbradı.


One of the most important centres of Antalya is Belek. This town is in Serik district and it is one of the most important tourism centres of the region. Belek is 40 km away from Antalya and this town has modern hotels, golf facilities, tennis courts, football fields, nature, history and other holiday options. Population of Belek is 8.000 people but during summer, this number increases four or five fold. Due to all these properties, Belek is one of the most suitable regions for investment.


Kaş is another important tourism centre of Antalya and this town is in Kalkan district. Today, this town famous by its luxurious villas for domestic and foreign tourists and population of this town is approximately 3.500. This town is one of the most interesting investment options in Antalya. This district is commonly preferred by domestic and foreign tourists as this place is famous for diving tourism.


Kekova is an island in Demre district of Antalya and this town is an important tourism centre. This island covers 4.5 km2 area and there are restaurants and hostels on this island. There is high interest from domestic and foreign tourists and tourists can reach to this island with boats.


Side in Manavgat district of Antalya is an important tourism centre for both Antalya and the country. It is 75km away from Antalya and 7 km away from Manavgat; this town has peaceful nature and important historical values and thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit this town during all of the year. This town has 13.000 people but during summer, population of this town increases four or five fold.


Another important touristic district of Antalya is Alanya. This district has population  of 315.000 and it is located on east of Antalya. Throughout the history, Alanya has been home of Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans and this district covers 1,598 km2 area. Main part of district economy is tourism. While this district has 9% tourism share in economy, it has 30% share in real-estate purchase by foreigners in Turkey. Therefore, Alanya is one of the commonly preferred centres by foreign investors. You can invest in Alanya like many other investors and increase the value of your money.


Another important tourism district as important as Alanya is Kemer. Kemer has the perfect harmony of green and blue and population of this district is 45.000. Again, this population increases four or five fold during summer. This district has an important location to be considered for investment.


Konyaaltı district is close to Antalya centre and this district is famous for the beach with the same name. Population of Konyaalt is approximately 185.000 people and foreign investors commonly prefer this district.


Finike district of Antalya is also an important touristic destination. Majority of the economy of this district is tourism and a lot of domestic and foreign tourists visit this district during summer.


Manavgat district of Antalya is famous for Manavgat Waterfalls, that has the same name with the district. This district has population of 230.000 and this number increases three or four fold during summer; this district is one of the most important touristic destinations.

Investment in Antalya

As we can see, Antalya and its provinces are extremely important for tourism. Therefore, this city is an relevant alternative for investment. Before deciding your investment location in Turkey, you must consider Antalya as an option. You can invest in this city to use your money cleverly and you can earn Turkish citizenship with $250,000 investment in real-estate or $500,000 fixed capital investment.

You are in the right place to receive a quality consultancy for your investments in Antalya and to obtain Turkish citizenship to acheave your dreams. Contact E&M consultancy if you need any help to answer all your questions.

Why Turkish Citizenship?

There are unlimited reasons to become a Turkish citizen. One of the most important reasons is undoubtedly the natural and historical beauty  which Turkey has.



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