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Quality, Trust and Tolerance

That’s the main principles that E&M Consulting relies during services. Road to achieving targets with success and maximum goals lies not only in adopting trust and tolerance in professional life but also in adopting these principles in all aspects of life and to work in collective, efficient and effective manner for time-management and without compromising these principles.

Correct Planning, Operation and Successful Results

In all of our service, we constantly communicate with our customers and inform them about the entire process. Our primary goals is to move forward by taking the right steps with correct planning, document organisation, document processing and obtaining successful results. Since our headquarters are in Ankara, we will always have an option to take fast and correct actions to access official institutions and organisation, to negotiate and to gain information.

Service in All Regions of Turkey

With our offices in all regions of Turkey, we will always keep in touch wherever our clients are. Whether you look for real estate in Turkey, or keen on turkish citizenship obtaining, or want to benefit from medical services in Turkey – we are always ready to provide you high-skilled assistance in all related issues.

Our trustworthy consultants will be guides of your comfort, will correctly inform you about all details, and effectively execute the problem. E&M representatives can fluently speak Arabic, Persian, Russian and English for highest quality of service.

Our headquarters located in Ankara but we have various offices in all regions of Turkey. All our offices are placed in easy-accessible locations. We will be happy to welcome you and to track our common success.

Success is more than a material achievements; success is to keep our values offered with trust and respect forever in people’s minds.

We hope to help you to learn more about incredible country Turkey and reach a better future together…

E&M Consulting



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