Why E&M?

No concessions in terms of reliability!

E&M Consulting solves all citizenship, real estate and health tourism matters in a timely manner, staying professional and provide precision and reliability that you need.

In this path, E&M Consulting will make sure you reach your goals in investment in Turkey and benefit from Turkish Citizenship Processes and Transactions or Health Services in Turkey in a most successful way which will probably be the first step of your new life.

Why Turkish Citizenship?

There are unlimited reasons to become a Turkish citizen. One of the most important reasons is undoubtedly the natural and historical beauty  which Turkey has.

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Real Estate Consultancy in Istanbul

Istanbul City


Real Estate Consultancy in Antalya

Antalya City


Real Estate Consultancy in Ankara

Ankara City

Why Turkey?

Why you should buy a property in Turkey

Main advantage of buying a property in Turkey is possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship. However, there are other advantages in investments.



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